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Petroleum Geosiences approach at the fourth International YES

GSI: Petroleum Geosiences approach was assigned to the Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company in request of GSI.

GH Qrabygly, Scientific Secretary of petroleum geosciences approach said: The oil and gas industry is a diverse and vital part of the global economy. A wide range of expertise goes into the discovery, production, and distribution of petroleum products, and petroleum geoscience plays a main role in the exploration and production process. 

He added:  the new articles and researches will be accepted to provide a discussion and sharing opportunities about new findings in the field of oil and gas discoveries through 4th Yes congress.
on the subject of keynote speakers Qrabygly declared: Professor Josep Munoz from the University of Barcelona will be  the  keynote speaker of this approach with the subject of new methods of exploration  in oil industry.
He noted that along with this event two field trips with focus on oil and gas exploration will offered in Iran.
Alborz oil field to the salt Mountains (Qom) and southeastern part of the South Caspian Basin (Alborz mountains and plains of Gorgan) will be visited.
Iran with support of organizations and institutions would host the fourth International YES Congress on 27-30 August with the slogan of "mitigation geohazardes  and resources for future generations." 

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