Petroleum Geosiences

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Message of Scientific Secretary of Petroleum Geosciences

Petroleum geoscience plays an important role in present-day society and petroleum geoscientists know how to read the story of the earth, beneath our feet, in order to find oil and natural gas. As everybody knows, hydrocarbon is vital resource in our lives. There is no doubt that petroleum production and hydrocarbon exploration is one of the most powerful driving forces in shaping our modern world. In fact, oil and gas dominate the headlines in every countries. However, politics and oil prices often overshadow the story of what happens before the oil and gas ever reaches the headlines. The oil and gas industry is a diverse and vital part of the global economy. A wide range of expertise goes into the discovery, production, and distribution of petroleum products, and petroleum geoscience plays a main role in the exploration and production process. 

Petroleum geoscientists try to answer the questions about where oil actually comes from, where and how it traps and share their role in exploring the wonders of our planet. Their goal is to help for better understanding of the history of oil and gas. Exploration and production of oil and gas require the integration of many different skills and specialties. Petroleum geosciences also needs to be improved and it required using new methods as there is no doubt the exploration of oil and gas is getting much more complicated.

Gholamreza Gharabeigli. Ph, D

The scientific topics of Petroleum Geosciences presentations are as follows:



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