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Message of Scientific Secretery of Geoinformatics

Nowadays, the possession of appropriate data and updated structure are the main management tools consider as an efficient means which has a vital role in order to achieve goals.  As well as the increasing role of location and positions in different communities and varied usage of spatial data resulted in growing demand and most of activities seems impossible without those data, so earth sciences are not exception.

Due to the importance of Geoinformatic science in today's world, the necessity of acceleration in scientific process is clear. Hereby all experts, young professionals, graduates and students are invited to participate with their articles in mentioned topics. It is hoped this theme of the 4th conference, would provide a situation to exchange the newest findings in the field of spatial information and its applications in different branches of Earth Sciences.

Mohamad Sadeghi,Ph.D

The scientific topics of Geoinformatic presentations are as follows:

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Geosciences
  • Tools-Software, Hardware, Open Source
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Spatial data infrastructure
  • Geoscience Data and Information Systems
  • Geodatabase and WebGIS
  • Data Modeling
  • Spatial planning

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