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Message of Scientific Secretary Geoheritage

Masterpiece of creation in lifeless nature, have made the geological heritage to be a part of earth treasures and have given us this valuable loan. Geoheritage is a fundamental part of the world heritage. Recognizing geoheritage of each country is among the most important measures to record geological history and evolution. Different issues related to the recognition, training and reservation of this worth heritage are important themes in geotourism. Geoparks, as a new innovation for reserving natural and geological heritage as well as developing local economy, play a significant role in geotourism development.

Today, geotourism and geoparks are the main approach of tourism development in many developed countries, as well as countries that have limited natural resources or they are weak in terms of industry. Due to approval of the International Geosciences & Geoparks Program (IGGP) in UNESCO General Assembly of 2015, this issue will be the major program of the world geology organizations. Geological Survey and Mineral Explorations of Iran has considered investigation, identify and introduce this valuable heritage as its duty and has worked on it more than a decade. No doubt, holding the "Geological Heritage" approach in the fourth conference of YES is an opportunity for professionals, students and youths to come together in this field and in addition to present their research achievements, they can exchange ideas and information with other practitioners. Thus, the development of this new knowledge will be helped.

Nazanin Badri,Ph.D

The scientific topics of Geoheritage presentations are as follows:

  • Geoparks, Geotourism and Territorial Management
  • Education and  Interpratation  in Geoparks
  • Geodiversity
  • Science and Research in Geoparks
  • Geoarcheology
  • Geoconservation: new challenges for Geoparks
  • Geoparks good practice projects
  • Labels, Certifications and Quality in Geoparks
  • Aspiring Geoparks
  • Inventory and Quantitative Assessment of Geosites and Geoheritage sites

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