Environmental and Medical Geology

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Message of Scientific Secretary of Environmental and Medical Geology

The health of over 5 billion people all over the world is affected by geology

Earth and Health, or Medical Geology, is concerned with the relationship between natural geological factors and human and animal health as well as understanding the influence of environmental factors on the geographical distribution of health problems. Some of the most widespread diseases of the present day such as arsenocosis, fluorosis, silicosis, heart diseases …originate by excess or deficiencies of elements in the environment. The elements originate from 3 sources, natural occurrence in the geologic environment (soil, water and rock units), natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, landslides) and anthropogenic (miming, industrial and agriculture activities). The geology of an area has a direct impact on the regional input of elements into the soil, air and water. These elements find their way through different pathways (soil, water and air) to food chains affecting the living organ’s health. By studying the obtained documents from ancient civilizations, it is possible to realize that medical geology is a very old science. Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Islamic, and Greek texts describe the many therapeutic benefits of various rocks and minerals, as well as the many health problems they may cause. However, medical geology as one of the disciplines of geoscience has been re-born during recent years. Medical Geology brings together Earth scientists and medical/public health researchers to address health problems caused or exacerbated by geologic materials and processes. Recognizing distribution of different disease is an indication of accurate policies and comprehensive long-term programs that will cause healthy society. Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) is affiliated as a chapter to the "International Medical Geology Association (IMGA)" since 2008 and cooperates closely with a number of geological surveys of the world in medical geology projects.

Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) is planning to organize “the 4th Young Earth Scientists Congress” in Tehran, in August 2017. One of the themes of this congress is allocated to “Environmental and Medical Geology” which intends to provide a qualified platform for young earth scientists to present their activities in this field. We hope that your kind contribution puts light on scientific life of our young friends and strengthen mutual boundaries in near future. Please join us in this event and share with us your experience in Environmental and Medical Geology. Looking forward to meeting you in Tehran.  

Parisa Piroozfar

Student of  Environmental and Medical Geology, Ph.D

The scientific topics of presentations are as follows:

  • Micronutrients deficiency (selenium, zinc, etc.) and health problems
  • Environmental geochemistry; geochemical and bio-geochemical mapping of trace and toxic elements
  • Natural radio nuclides and diseases
  • Hydrogeochemical studies; toxic elements release and transport mechanisms.
  • Geobotany; role of plants (esp. crops) in accumulation of elements in food chains
  • Urban geochemistry
  • Occupational health
  • Effect of mining activities on human and animal health
  • Metal ions in biology and medicine
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Application of GIS in human and animal diseases studies
  • Mineral dust and human health
  • Medical geography; studying diseases

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