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Message of Scientific Secretary of  Geology & Mineral Resources

Mining and mineral industry are among the most principle god-bestowed resources and Iran is one of the richest countries in the globe on that prospect. Occurrence of such blessings and their role in national economy necessitates greater attention that can be maximally utilized through augmented capabilities, knowledge and experience. Economic activities that lead to enhanced added value of the raw material, especially minerals, are becoming increasingly important in present-day world, and mineral-rich countries must avail of the advanced science and technology in order to thoroughly benefit from their natural wealth. Growth and expansion of mineral industry and developing processes to transform raw minerals into finished products not only optimizes the exploitation of non-renewable resources, but can also lead to greater employment opportunities, and thus enhanced social welfare. To achieve such objectives, however, the first and foremost requirement is to develop science and technology on the one hand, and to communicate effectively and constructively with the international scientists and experts on the other, and the second is the need to protect environment and natural resources in order to allow sustained affluence of the future generations based on such wealth.

Growth, development and prosperity of a country indeed relies on the aptitude and capabilities of its younger generation, and therefore, providing the ground for education and training of youth becomes an irrefutable fact in sustainable development.

Institution of Young Earth Scientist Network and their get-togethers can play a pivotal role in the acquaintances, scientific communication and exchange of ideas among the heirs of the present societies.

Iran Mine House considers the convention of the Fourth Young Earth Scientists Congress in Iran as a positive auspicate and welcomes the young participants from all over the world. We hope that the Congress will initiate closer, more efficient and more energetic collaborations among the future earth science professionals.

Soroosh Fooladchi,PhD

The scientific topics of Economic Geology are as follows:

Mineral Deposits

  • Mining geology
  • Lake and playa
  • Marine mineral resources
  • Strategic and critical Minerals


  • Metallogeny and mining provinces
  • Alpine-Himalayan belt

Exploration Methods and Modern Technologies

  • Metallic and non-metallic deposit
  • Conceal mineral deposits
  • Geochemical Exploration
  • Geophysical Exploration

Ore Processing

  • Modern technologies

Exploration Projects Management

  • Determination of the effect of operating cost uncertainty on mining project evaluation

Modelling, Evaluation and Feasibility Study

  • Prediction and assessment system
  • Key techniques for 3D visual modelling
  • Statistical considerations

Environmental Hazard

  • Strategies to resolve


  • Small-scale mining : challenges and opportunities
  • World minerals Supplies, Perspectives, stock markets Trends and Stack holder value
  • Exploration externalities and government subsidies
  • Silk road, the road to  mineral resources  development
  • Green Economy (SD) and Independency

Policy, Laws and Regulations

  • Critical countries and territorial conflicts
  • Moral panic and Ethics related to mineral development projects
  • Geological surveys roles in local and global development
  • Modern and developing countries (transparency of mining Laws and regulations)
  • Standards and global harmonization for reporting mineral exploration
  • Mineral Taxation, regulation, fiscal regimes and environment

Economic Geology, Mineral Reserves and Mining

  • Economic Geology
  • Mineral Prospection and Exploration
  • Mineral Exploitation and Mine Operation
  • Mineral Processing
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • HSE in Mines
  • Reserve Evaluation and Modelling
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Mineral Economics
  • Mining Strategies, Laws and Policies

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