4th Yes Congress- payment announcement

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Information about Participation and Presentations Payment:

(for  Iranian) 

1.      Iranian University students can pay 500,000 Rials  just by sending a Scan from the front and back of their University Cart.

2.      Other Iranian participants should pay 1000,000 Rials.


* Dear participants would receive their certifications of attendance just in the case of attendance and confirmation of their payment

* Papers which their payment were not submitted would be omitted from arbitration proceedings

* Deadline for Payment 22 July 2017

* Please Click here to find payment guide.

 The Scan of Recept should be upload in your Profile and then send through iran.yes2017@gmail.com

Payment through:

1.      IR020100004001057103014933, Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

2.      4001057103014933, Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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