Title: Berlin-Potsdam Region Excellence in Geoscience and Host of 2019 YES Conference

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 Capacity: 100 Persons  Remained Capacity: 88 Persons

 Objectives and notes:

The Berlin-Potsdam Region is a geoscientific cluster with a worldwide unique position concerning scientific excellence and expertise in geosciences. Within this regional cluster the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences is one of the leading partners. With our research programs, international training courses, summer schools and scientific infrastructure we offer for young academics various possibilities to capitalize from our high – level expertise.

The GFZ has an international profile, and its infrastructure offers the best conditions for research with the elite in geoscience. Our worldwide cooperation activities are directed to incorporate young academics from all over the world. The YES Congress 2017 gives us the opportunity to present ourselves precisely to those young talented scientists we are looking for.

To further strengthen the geoscientific experience in the Berlin – Potsdam region the GFZ has been one of the driving forces to found the Geo.X partner network. The network comprises 9 partners from universities and non-university research institutions. Via this platform, the partners coordinate their joint research and education in order to make relevant contributions to future issues in the Earth-Human system.

The cornerstones of this multi-disciplinary collaboration are joint research projects, coordinated teaching, effective use of scientific infrastructure and the transfer of scientific results to the public. Thus making the region to a hot spot in Earth science with Geo.X as the principal geoscientific research cluster in Europe.

The workshop will present examples of the international research performed at GFZ and within the Geo.X network. Young academics will have the possibility to exchange on experiences and possibilities for academic career options with us.

We thank the YES Network for offering us the possibility to host the YES Congress in 2019. We would like to take the opportunity during the 2017 YES Conference in Teheran to present the organizers, and our plans for YES 2019 to an international young academic public, and to discuss and exchange with them on our ideas.

Young academics will have the opportunity during the workshop to present their own ideas concerning the planning process for the YES Congress 2019 and the possibilities to integrate them in the congress program. Our idea is not only to offer a classical congress program, but to present also opportunities within the frame of the congress for summer schools and training courses.

The Region Berlin – Potsdam with GFZ and the Geo.X Network will offer at its booth also possibilities to get more details on research and training possibilities. Outstanding international research projects will be highlighted in the presentations. Furthermore young academics will have the opportunity to get first hand information on funding and exchange possibilities within the existing German research network. 

Length Instructor Workshop Title
09:30-10:00 Dr. Ludwig Stroink (GFZ) GFZ and the Perlin-Potsdam region a unique research cluster for scientific cooperation, research and studies 
10:00-10:30 Michael Haas Earthquake Early Warning and Seismic Risk Assessment  
10:30-11:00 Mahmud Haghshenas Haghighi Radar Remote Sensing for geohazards: opportunities and challenges in the era of Sentinel
11:00-11:30 Johanna Ickert and Gamze Koç The potential of GIS-based story maps to support public interpretation of seismic risk" - A pilot study on linking social and geological data of three Istanbul 
11:30-12:00 Milena Latinovic  Sea-level indicators as proxy data for relative sea-level change
12:00-12:30 Christine Bismuth Outlines for YES Congress Berlin 2019

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